EDS – Eusphere Documents Solutions

EDS – Eusphere Documents Solution is the solution for the management all your company’s documents, based on Therefore™ software from Canon. We have created EDS in order to semplify your work and let you reach the maximum efficiency with the minimum effort.

EDS is divided in different modules from whom you can choose according to your needs. Each module is able to offer a specific solution to a specific need.

EDS – Digital Mail:


EDS – Digital Mail through Therefore™ software guarantee you the management, sorting and digitalization of all your daily mail, according to your needs. EDS – Digital Mail allows you to receive your daily mail directly on your computer, in a certified digital format, in an easy and fast way, in order to let you save time and resources.

The service:

– Management, sorting and digitalization of all the daily mail

– Retrieval of the mail directly on site or at the post office prior authorization

– Availability of the digitalized daily mail starting from 8.30 am, directly on your computer through Therefore™ software

– Certified process of management and digitalization in order to offer a total warranty to the customer


Available versions:

– Lite: up to 3000 pages per month

Premium: up to 6000 pages per month

Pro: 10000 + pages per month



– Saving time and resources in the management of your daily mail

– Guaranteed delivery of the daily mail within the agreed deadline

– Storage of all received mails at our digitalization centre, for a period of 30 days starting from the delivery data

– Certified destruction of all the daily mail within a previously agreed deadline

EDS – Documents Core:


EDS – Documents Core through Therefore™ software is a flexible solution designed for the management of all your company documentation. EDS – Document Core maximises the efficiency of the existing business procedures by significantly decreasing the examination and the search for documents, having direct benefits on your company security and competitivity.



– Automatic indexing with OCR and barcode recognition

– Improves office security and management

– Fast and secure access to your information

– Document management and sharing through a Workflow system

– Able to archive any kind of information

– Automatically scans and indexes any type of document

– Integrated with all Microsoft® Office® applications and SharePoint®

– Able to archive e-mails thanks to its integration with Microsoft® Outlook® e Microsoft® Exchange®

– Translates your entire organization in the digital world

– Full support for mobile devices like iPad® e compatible smartphones

EDS  – Digital Archive:


EDS – Digital Archive through Therefore™ software is the solution for a company that needs to computerize an already existing physical archive.

Eusphere will personally take care of the digitalization of all requested material, on site or in our offices whichever you prefer, making it available within a previously agreed deadline.



– Digitalization of all documents in a transparent and a safe way

– Automatic index with OCR (optical character recognition) identification and barcodes

– Digitalization process will be done on site or in our offices, within a previously agreed deadline

– Complete and customizable back-up system through Barracuda

– Certified destruction of the documents within a previously agreed deadline