ISAC is the global solution for the supply of all the necessary IT infrastructure, hardware and software, oriented to companies that want the highest quality, professionalism and competence through a convenient financial lease.

A global solution:


– Total supply from Eusphere of all the necessary hardware e software components

– Complete coverage of all the services, from material purchase to on-site installation

– Complete customization of the offer, based on the customer’s needs

– Professionalism and proficiency at your service



– Convenient fiancial lease and transparency of costs

– Data migration from old to new infrastructure

– Complete and customizable back-up system through Barracuda solution

– Preventive and corrective maintenance of the whole structure

– Configuration of new users, smartphones included

– Installation and software updates

– Installation and configuration of new workstations

– Hotline and customer support

– Total warranty of the hardware and software material and its potential reparation