The software Genesis is an integrated solution that allows to better manage activities related to user transportation, improving business organization and efficiency together with the satisfaction of workers. Genesis main employment resides in the social sector.

Description of Genesis management process:


– The User calls the transportation office to request a service

– The operator plans the transportation service for the desired date and checks the drivers availability

– The operator issues a weekly transportation plan for the drivers

– The drivers perform the planned transportations

– Data of performed transportations is collected and invoiced


Civil Registry Management

– Add and edit civil information for users, drivers, companies, etc.

– Manage information about relations, addresses, e-mail, etc.

Agenda Management

– Single transportation planning

– Recurring transportations creation

– Drivers availability check

– E-mail confirmation for any transportation service


Transportation Request Management

– Drivers transportation plan preparation

– Transportation data consolidation

– Automatic drivers refunding system management

– Extra performance management

Invoicing Management

– Customizable invoices

– Invoice creation for

Hospitals, Health insurance and end Users

– Modification/deletion of incorrect invoices

– Invoices preview and printing

– Transportation statistics

Accounting Interface

– Issued invoices processing

– Creation of accounting interface files

– Printing of accounting protocol